Dominator Festival

Festival Info

Tickets for Dominator Festival 2022 are SOLD OUT! Camping packages including entrance to the festival are still available at


Regular ticket (loyalty): €74,00 ex fee
Regular ticket: €79,00 ex fee
Camping package (bring your own tent): €104,00 ex fee
Locker (small): €8,00 ex fee
Locker (big): €10,00 ex fee
Shuttle bus ticket: €10,00 ex fee
Parking ticket Saturday: €15,00 ex fee
Parking ticket Camping: €25,00 ex fee

Ticket personalization

Tickets for Dominator Festival 2022 need to be personalized. In case you have ordered multiple tickets, it’s necessary to personalize every ticket per visitor. Personalizing the other tickets within your order is possible by login in to your account (or by creating one if you haven’t already). You are able to claim 1 ticket per account. Once everyone within your order has claimed his or her ticket, the main buyer will receive all tickets via email. If this is still not working, you can best contact Paylogic Support.

You can personalize your tickets from the 2nd of March at 12:00 PM CET.