Dominator Festival

Festival Info

The next edition of Dominator Festival 2020 takes place on the 18th of July 2019  in Eersel (The Netherlands). The minimum age for Dominator Festival is 18 years.

Ticket sales

The worldwide COVID-19 (Corona virus) situation made us decide to postpone the Dominator Festival ticket sales for now. At this time, it doesn’t feel right to start with selling tickets and we think it would be wise to pause for the time being. If the situation will take a positive turn we hope to announce a new ticket sale date.

Be wise & stay safe

Ticket info Dominator Festival 2020

Regular tickets: € 69,75 (ex. fee)

Camping spot + festival ticket: €99,75 (ex. fee)

Shuttle bus tickets: €8,-

Large locker: €9,-

Small locker: €7,-

I didn’t receive my ticket(s) or lost them, what to do?

Tickets will be sent to your email address right after you completed the payment. Didn’t receive them or lost them? Go to, enter your email address and you will receive your tickets again.

You can also download your tickets in your Paylogic profile. Log in over here. Can’t find your tickets in your Paylogic profile either? You might have used a wrong email address or made a typo. Please contact Paylogic customerservice so they can change this.

I used a wrong email address, can this be changed?

No problem. Please contact Paylogic customerservice so they can change this for you.

Please beware of scammers

The only official Dominator ticket channels are,,, and the websites of our official bus partners. Don’t hesitate to contact us at in case of doubt.