Final info Dominator Festival 2022

Our notorious theme park is about to re-open. Just a few more days until 50.000 hardcore heads will storm the gates of madness. Check the timetable and final info below and prepare for a Hell of a Ride!


Check the Dominator 2022 timetable here.


Download the app

Download the official Dominator 2022 app for iPhone or Android for the line-up, your personal timetable, our floor plan (online soon), merchandise and more.


Tickets for Dominator Festival 2022 are SOLD OUT! Camping packages including entrance to the festival are still available at

Two entrances

Please pay attention: Dominator has two different entrances, entrance A and entrance B. Make sure to remember via which entrance you have entered the festival, since you need to leave the festival through the same entrance that you have entered it with.

Camping info

Staying at the first ever Dominator camping this year? Make sure you read everything there is to know about your stay in the camping final info.

Recycle chip

We work with a deposit system on all cups, cans, and bottles we hand out at the bar during all our events. In order to recycle everything we hand out, we want to collect as much as possible. This way, we keep the event clean together and we make sure there is no trash on the ground.

How does this work? You will receive a recycle chip at the entrance for free. Pay attention: this chip isn’t a coin you can use to pay for beverages. It has no value and can only be used for the deposit.

  1. First round? Hand in your recycle chip during your order at the bar;
  2. Next round? Take your empty cup/bottle to the bar and exchange it when you order your new drink;
  3. Lost your cup? Then you will have to pay 0,5 coin for a new cup/bottle;
  4. Done? Take your empty cup/bottle to the bar and exchange it for a recycle chip.

This way we will keep Dominator Festival clean together!

Smoking is not allowed in tents!

At Dominator it is not allowed to smoke in tents. Your understanding and cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated, as an organization we can get very high fines when people are smoking in tents.

Minimum age

The minimum age for Dominator is 18 years. This means you need to be 18 years or older at the day of the event. We won’t make any exceptions on this. Make sure you bring a valid ID card. No ID means no entrance!


There will be enough e-lockers available at the event. For those that bought a locker in pre-sale: you can trade your e-locker voucher for a locker number and pin code at the locker desk at the festival.

What you can(not) bring

We often receive questions about which items you can or cannot bring to Dominator Festival. We’ve summed up the items you most frequently have questions about, check them below.

What you can bring:

  • Deodorant roller
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bag: empty only
  • Crutches
  • Bepanthen ointment
  • E-Smoker/Vape – except opened refills

What you may not take with you:

  • Liquids
  • Sharp/hazardous objects
  • Selfie sticks longer than 1 m.
  • Umbrellas
  • Food/Drinks
  • All types of soft- and hard drugs

Car & parking

The address of Dominator festival is Buivensedreef 10, 5521 RN in Eersel. There is plenty of parking space next to the event terrain. Parking tickets are available online or at the parking entrance and can only be paid with cash or PIN. Save €5,00 bij getting your parking ticket in pre-sale for €15 ex fee.

When dropped off or picked up by a friend or taxi, please make sure to follow the ‘Kiss & Ride’ signs. There are no other possibilities in the area to be dropped off or picked up!

Public transport

Be well-prepared for your trip and use the ‘NS Reisplanner’. You can use this tool to find out if (and how) the engineering works will affect your trip. Along the way you can plan your trip using the ‘Reisplanner Xtra’ app or the website We recommend to plan your trip back home at this time.

Shuttle buses

There is a shuttle service between Eindhoven railway station and Dominator Festival.

To/from the camping

On Friday the 15th of July there will be a shuttle service between Eindhoven railway station and the Dominator camping. This service will be available between 10:00 AM and 03:00 PM. On Sunday the 17th of July this service will run between 10:00 AM and 02:00 PM to get you back to Eindhoven railway station. Shuttle bus tickets to/from the camping are only available in our online pre-sale for €15,00 ex fee.

To/from the festival

On Saturday the 16th of July, the first shuttle buses depart at 10:00 AM from Eindhoven station and they will continue driving to and from the event. Make sure to leave on time if you want to catch the last train at Eindhoven Central station! Shuttle bus tickets to/from the festival are only available in our online pre-sale for €10,00 ex fee.

Organizing your own bus trip?

Please register your coach here. In this way you’ll receive all important travel information for the bus driver.


Tokens can be paid with PIN or cash. Make sure to bring enough cash since there’s no ATM on the festival site.


There will be lots of merchandise stands at Dominator festival. Here you’ll find the brand new Dominator merchandise, albums, merchandise related to the artists and more. You can pay with cash, PIN and by credit card. You can’t pay with tokens. Don’t want to wait until the festival? You can also buy your merchandise online here.

Dominator 2022 compilation album

This year’s Dominator theme takes you on one ‘Hell Of A Ride’ with the most terrifying attractions and outlandish entertainment. Together with the Dominator 2022 event, there’s plenty of new top-quality Hardcore music that’s highlighted on this year’s official Compilation CD. Two disks packed out with exclusive and new bangers that give listeners the full Dominator feeling. From slower Hardcore and underground Industrial, to mainstage hits, Uptempo smashers and funky Frenchcore beats, absolutely everything is included to satisfy your hardcore cravings.

The Dominator 2022 compilation album is available at the merchandise stands at the event or at

Zero tolerance

The drugs policy at Dominator is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of soft- and hard drugs are not allowed.

Celebrate Safe

During Dominator we celebrate safe. If you have questions about the use of alcohol or other drugs you are more than welcome to chat with one of the Unity people. Unity is a volunteer project in the Dutch party scene. Their volunteers will be more than happy to provide you with objective and open minded advice about alcohol and other drugs.

Not feeling well? Or is somebody around you not feeling well? Please don’t hesitate and go to our first aid. Take care of yourself and each other!

Jewelry & other valuables

It may sometimes occur that jewelry or other valuable personal belongings get stolen during events. Together with our security staff we do everything in our power to prevent this from happening. We advise you to leave your valuable jewelry and other items with (personal) value at home to avoid losing it.

Protect your ears

Hear the Music, Protect your Ears

Please take care of your ears! With music above 87 dB it is smart to use earplugs with a special music filter. With these earplugs you can hear the music perfectly, still have a conversation with your friends and most important of all, you prevent hearing damage and any ringing after the event. In addition, Alpine earplugs are super comfortable. During Dominator Festival Alpine earplugs will be available. Alpine earplugs are reusable, so you can protect your ears not only at Free Festival but at other events as well. Life sounds better with Music.

Are you okay?

Unwanted sexual behaviour or harrasment is not okay and is also not tolerated at festivals.If you think that someone is being sexually harrased, ask the question: are you okay? This way we can make sure everyone has a good time at Dominator Festival! For more info about these situations you can check

Signing sessions

Meet anthem maker Deadly Guns and Miss K8 at the Masters of Hardcore merchandise stand near the entrance B and get their autograph!

08:00 – 08:30 PM Deadly Guns
08:30 – 09:00 PM Miss K8

20:00 Masters of Hardcore merchandise stand near entrance B

Photo cameras

All sorts of cameras are allowed at Dominator festival. Bring yours and SPAM the internet! Don’t forget to add the official hashtag #Dominator2022. Selfie sticks are only allowed with a maximum length of 1m.