Year: 2019

Listen to the Dominator radio broadcast this Saturday!

This Saturday it’s time to DOMINATE! Can’t be there? Most mainstage sets will be broadcasted live at and Check the timetable below and tune in from 11:00AM!

Important: weather forecast & precautions

The Dominator build up is in full progression and we’re getting close to the kick-off this Saturday! As usual, temperatures will rise high during Dominator, but this year we also expect some rain. Below you’ll find more information about the weather forecast and our advised precautions. Please read it carefully and forward it to your Dominator crew.

Weather forecast

Like we’re used to, temperatures will rise high during Dominator. Unfortunately, unlike we’re used to, we also expect changeable weather this year. Sun might shine, some rain might drop. Make sure you’re prepared for both types of weather.

Clothing advice

Got your summery Dominator outfit ready for weeks already and been looking forward to wear it since then? Good news: no need to change it! Just make sure to bring a rain coat as well, and something warm for the evening hours and your way back home.

There will be enough lockers available to store your belongings.

Sun protection

Make sure to protect yourself against the sun. Bring your sunglasses, get out of the sun every now and then and make sure to wear sunscreen. Visit the (free) Dominator sunscreen bar by the The Dutch Cancer Society or bring your own unopened sunscreen. Opened sunscreen bottles or tubes aren’t allowed.

Indoor areas and shelters

5 out of 7 areas at Dominator are indoor. The two outdoor stages are the Dominator mainstage and the raw hardstyle stage. Use the floorplan in the Dominator app, or the one handed out at the entrance, to locate all areas.

Next to the indoor areas, you’ll find multiple shelters all over the Dominator terrain.

LED info screens

Please keep a close eye on our LED info screens during the day. Important updates about the upcoming weather will be displayed on this screens.

Read the final info for Dominator 2019 here!

A deafening sandstorm approaches with deadly speed. Just a few more days until 50.000 hardcore heads enter the world of pure misery. Read the final info including timetable below and prepare for our savage sands.. This is the year of ‘Rally of Retribution’!


Check the Dominator 2019 timetable over here.

Download the app

Download the official Dominator 2019 app for iPhone or Android for the line-up, your personal timetable, our floor plan (online soon), merchandise and more.


All VIP and regular tickets are sold out! Missed out? A limited amount of combi tickets is still available for those who act fast. Check for combi bus tickets.

Please beware of scammers! Unfortunately some unofficial resellers are selling fake and/or overpriced tickets. The only official ticket channels are,,,, and the websites of our official bus partners. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of doubt.

Two entrances

Please pay attention: Dominator has two different entrances. Entrance A is the main entrance, for cars, taxis and the kiss & ride. Entrance B is for touringcars and if you come by shuttle bus. Follow all red signs for the main entrance/exit A and the green signs for the touringcar entrance/exit B. It’s very important that you use the same exit and entrance.

Minimum age

The minimum age for Dominator is 18 years. This means you need to be 18 years or older at the day of the event. We won’t make any exceptions on this. Make sure you bring a valid ID card. No ID means no entrance!


There will be enough e-lockers available at the event. Buy your e-locker in pre-sale with a discount. You can trade your e-locker voucher for a locker number and pin code at the locker desk at the festival. You can get your e-locker in pre-sale until July 20th 11:00 AM.

Car & parking

The address of Dominator festival is Buivensedreef 10, 5521 RN in Eersel. There is plenty of parking space next to the event terrain. Parking tickets are only available at the parking entrance and can only be paid cash. A parking tickets costs €15.

When dropped off or picked up by a friend or taxi, please make sure to follow the ‘Kiss & Ride’ signs. There are no other possibilities in the area to be dropped of or picked up!

Public transport

Be well-prepared for your trip and use the ‘NS Reisplanner’. You can use this tool to find out if (and how) the engineering works will affect your trip. Along the way you can plan your trip using the ‘Reisplanner Xtra’ app or the website We recommend to plan your trip back home at this same moment.

Shuttle buses

There is a shuttle service between Eindhoven railway station and Dominator Festival. The first shuttle buses depart at 10:00 AM from Eindhoven and they will continue driving to and from the event. Make sure to leave on time if you want to catch the last train at Eindhoven Central station! We highly recommend to get your tickets in pre-sale. A return shuttle bus ticket costs € 8,00 (excl. fee).

Organizing your own bus trip?
Please register your coach here. In this way you’ll receive all important travel information for the bus driver.


Tokens can be payed with bankcard or cash. Make sure to bring enough cash since there’s no ATM on the festival site.

Zero tolerance

The drugs policy at Dominator is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of soft- and hard drugs are not allowed.

Celebrate Safe

At Dominator we’ll party conscious. Want to know what exactly this means? You are welcome for a chat at the Celebrate Safe supported by Unity stand. Most people at Unity are experts who like to share their knowledge and experience with you. They provide objective and open-minded education about alcohol and other drugs.

Protect your ears

You have only got one pair of ears, so be careful with those. Make sure you wear hearing protection. Also don’t stand to close by speakers, because you can suffer from hearing loss afterwards. At the kiosk and at different vending machines you can buy hearing protection.


There will be lots of merchandise stands at Dominator festival. Here you’ll find the brand new Dominator merchandise, albums, merchandise related to the artists and more. You can pay with cash, pin and by credit card. You can’t pay with coins. Don’t want to wait until the festival? You can also buy your merchandise online here.

Dominator 2019 compilation CD

Designed only for the hardest of hearts, the Dominator 2019 ‘Rally of Retribution’ compilation will be your summer soundtrack! Pre-order your copy of this year’s official Dominator compilation, mixed by Angerfist & The Satan now at the Masters of Hardcore Store. Pre-order the compilation CD here.

Signing sessions

Meet anthem maker Angerfist at the Dominator CD Stand and get his autograph!

20:00 CD Stand

Photo session (VIP ONLY)

For VIP visitors Angerfist will do a special photo session on the VIP deck.

19:30 VIP DECK

Photo cameras

All sorts of cameras are allowed at Dominator festival. Bring yours and SPAM the internet! Don’t forget to add the official hashtag #Dominator2019. Selfie sticks are only allowed with a maximum length of 1m.


General questions and inquiries
+31682590703 (Whatsapp only)

Dominator tickets are sold out!

Regular and VIP tickets for Dominator Festival 2019 are sold out!

Missed out? A limited amount of combi tickets is still available for those who act fast. Check for bus combi tickets and for hotel packages.

Check the new Dominator merchandise

Hardcore heads, get ready to dominate! Check out the newest Dominator merchandise and wear it at the 20th of July at Dominator. Check all brand new merchandise here.


Pre-order the Dominator CD compilation

Pre-order for the Dominator ‘Rally of Retribution’ CD has begun! CD 1 sees anthem-maker Angerfistwhipping your speakers with a superb mix, whilstThe SATAN takes you on a trip through the dark side on CD 2. This year’s compilation also includes the bonus ALBUM ‘Battle of Wills’ by Negative A.  Secure your copy from Masters of Hardcore Store.


Tickets are almost sold out, make sure to be on time!

This is your first and last warning if you want to visit the world’s biggest hardcore gathering. Tickets are almost sold out, so make sure you get them now at before it’s too late. Don’t forget to inform your fellow hardcore friends. See you at Dominator!

Say ‘YES, I do’ at Dominator

Each year we get tons of requests from true hardcore lovebirds about marriage proposals and weddings during Dominator. This year, we can finally say “YES WE DO!”. Our brand-new wedding chapel will be waiting for you on the beach of Domination…

You can bring all your hardcore friends as your witnesses! But don’t worry, you don’t have to get a Dominator ticket for your parents because you won’t get officially married. That’s why you can ‘marry’ with your lover, party mate, a DJ or the toilet lady (we don’t care who!). You also don’t need to get yourself a wedding dress or suit, because we will take care of that. At the chapel you gather with your friends, or just random hardcore strangers, put on wedding gear and our master of ceremony will get you “married”. Afterwards you may, or may not, kiss each other and slip on the rings. You will get your own Dominator wedding certificate AND.. you just got married at Dominator!

Who will be your life long hardcore soulmate?


Special Dominator highlights and improvements

Each year, we aim to organize THE ultimate, unforgettable hardcore gathering for dedicated Dominators from all over the world. Serving you 7 areas filled with the hardest artists, 11 hours of raving, insane entertainment and of course a MASSIVE endshow with anthem maker Angerfist.
Next to this we also have some special highlights this year. Curious about them? Read on!


Brand-new tracks straight in your face

Dominator has always been all about the newest and hardest tracks. But this year the musical madness is complete with more than five album showcases by Deadly Guns, DRS, Scarphase, Restrained and more to be announced… you are not ready for this!


Expanding the terrain

More space to turn up the speed, more space to chill. It’s the perfect combination for a day in FULL POWER. By expending the festival terrain on the south side we’ve created lots of extra space for the 50.000 hardcore heads that will visit Dominator. With this change some of the stages moved to a different, even better location. More info soon…


Hardcore till death do us part?

Each year we get tons of requests from true hardcore lovebirds, about marriage proposals and weddings during Dominator. And now we can finally say: “YES WE DO!”. Our brand new Dominator wedding chapel will be waiting for you on the beach… Who will be your life long hardcore soulmate? More info soon! Read more info about a Dominator wedding here.


Return to the core

You want to hear some true classics, travelling about 10 years back in time!? We’ll bring you the ‘new’ classic hardcore at Dominator! We’ve invited some iconic hardcore classic artists to join the Guardian Maesters clan. Artists like Promo, Noize Suppressor, Tommyknocker, Unexist, Ophidian, Neophyte and many more will present you the sound from the millennium till 2015! Check out the full line-up online.


Brand new VIP experience

New: Dominator VIP tickets! A massive upgrade of your Dominator experience. With our brand-new VIP tickets, you will enter the desert of Domination through a special VIP entrance, get a free locker and be able to use our VIP toilets. Once you arrived at the VIP deck it’s racing time… with the best mainstage view ever!

Are you ready to experience Dominator as a true VIP hardcore head? The last few VIP tickets are available online.


Bigger is better

As the Chainsaw Tribe (extreme hardcore) area becomes more and more popular each year, it’s about time to grow! This year the area will be bigger than ever. More space to go full power during sets of Partyraiser, Destructive Tendencies, F.Noize, DRS and many more. Check out the full line-up here.


Would you jump… IN a car?!

The popular car bungee is back! We received many messages that you missed the car bungee at the previous editions, because you were longing for that adrenaline rush. As it fits the theme perfectly, the car bungee will make its reappearance at Dominator 2019!


With all these improvements, you need to make sure you won’t miss this years hardcore gathering. Last tickets for Dominator Festival 2019 – Rally of Retribution are available at Don’t miss out!

The Satan warm-up mix for Dominator 2019 – Rally of Retribution

At the 20th of July, The Satan is part of the Chainsaw Tribe, but he’s already dropping bombs at this warm-up mix for Dominator 2019 – Rally of Retribution! Listen to it now.