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It's now time to re-live the "25 years of Neophyte hardcore" closing show, powered by our anthem creator Neophyte. 
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8 dangerous clans and their following set foot on our grounds. Total annihilation was the outcome. This was Dominator Festival 2018 - Wrath of Warlords. Check the photos now!
The mainstage will be broadcasted live at!
Make sure to prepare yourself for the weather conditions by reading the extra info below.
Read the final info including timetable below and prepare yourself for a bloodthirsty scrimmage.
Ready to blow up your speakers? This is de tracklist of the 'Wrath of Warlords' complication CD.
The spine-chilling 'Wrath of Warlords' is just around the corner!
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We proudly present the official Dominator 2018 anthem 'Wrath of Warlords' by one of hardcore's most respected and influential artists: Neophyte!
DOMINATORS! Want to share your hardcore dedication with the other Dominator fans? Send your best Dominator photo to and maybe you'll be featured in this year's magazine! #Dominator2018
He is one of the most important pioneers that formed the world of hardcore as it is today. This year he will celebrate an astonishing ‘25 years of Neophyte’ and Dominator Festival will honour his heroic legacy.
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Upcoming DJ's and producers, this is your chance to enter the domain of Dominator as a true artist!
Line-up Dominator
Eight clans prepare themselves for a bloodthirsty scrimmage.
foto: @[232306510283671:tomdomscom]
Show your devotion for the "Wrath of Warlords"! Together with 10,000 HOURS we give youngsters with special needs the ultimate festival experience!
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Dominators, the time is NOW! Regular tickets, hotel packages and bus combi tickets for Dominator 2018 are now available
Dominator 2018 trailer
We stand at the dawn of war. Eight clans will prepare for a bloodthirsty scrimmage. Lords, Cult, Dragons, Guillotine, Chainsaw, Decapitators, Maesters, Entrants…. All will enter the wasteland and show their deadly devotion to cruelty.