Dominator 2017 aftermovie
Re-enter the world of pure misery. This is the aftermovie of Dominator Festival 2017 - Maze of Martyr. See you in 2018 at a new, horrific edition!
Last Saturday 50.000 hardcore heads entered the horrific Maze of Martyr. Check the photo album now to look back on this mesmerizing edition of Dominator Festival. We hope to see you next year at Dominator Festival 2018!
Dominator 2017 timetable
Just a few more days until 50.000 hardcore heads enter the world of pure misery. Check the timetable below and read the final info to prepare yourself to step into the horrific Maze of Martyr!
Riot & Rise
Bodyshock has an important announcement to make - on the 15th of July, he will release his album 'Riot & Rise' at Dominator 2017! Expect a stunning showcase with many new tracks. Pre-order starts now!
Dominator support
True Dominators assemble! With our yearly edition of the Dominator magazine coming up, we are looking for those true Dominators out there. E-mail us your pictures of your Dominator support and you might be featured in the magazine. DOO-MI-NATOOORRRR!
Dominator 2017 anthem
The most notorious hardcore anthem of 2017 has arrived. This is ‘Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 anthem) by Mad Dog and Dave Revan! "We are hardcore We are DOMINATOR!”
dominator CD 2017
The annual Dominator CD compilation is now available for pre-order! Amplify your collection with the Dominator 2017 - Maze of Martyr album.
The wait is over! We're thrilled to announce that one of Dogfight Records' finest has created this year's Dominator anthem. In a few weeks we'll present you Dj Mad Dog's 'Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 anthem)'. Check his personal announcement here.
Because everybody deserves to party the way we love to, we and 10,000 HOURS will organize a mini festival for youngsters with special needs on the 7th of June
Dominator 2017 line-up
Face over 100 of the world's most vicious hardcore acts in the horrific Maze of Martyr. The full Dominator 2017 line-up is now online!
Upcoming DJ's and producers, are you worthy to enter the domain of Dominator as a true artist? This is your chance! Enter the DJ & producer contest over here. Good luck!
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-31 om 16.52.36
Tickets for the world's biggest outdoor hardcore gathering are now available. Don't miss out!
Dominator 2017 trailer
The atrocious labyrinth lay hidden to be discovered for its awakening. Patiently it waited to finally welcome its victims. Now the gates towards total anarchy are breached. We enter a world of pure misery. A triumphal escape is a hopeless mission. We challenge you to step into the horrific MAZE OF MARTYR! Check the trailer below.
Dominator Festival
For those looking for some relaxation during their Dominator weekend we set up some great Travel & Stay packages! All packages include a Dominator entrance ticket, 1 night in a hotel of your choice and a transfer to/from the festival. The packages can be upgraded with extra nights and some include a free late check out on Sunday. Hotel + transfer tickets are also available without an entrance ticket. Hotel packages are now available!